It’s Worth The Wait

Mar 1, 2020 1122

He has already won the victory.

My wedding day was totally worth the wait. I had a terrible time while I was going out with, and then engaged to my fiancée, because my family disapproved of my relationship.

It was a very difficult and stressful time! All I wanted to do was to be with the one I loved!

What kept me going was that my wedding day was coming close, when I would be with the one I loved!

The New Testament of the Bible tells us three things about this world:

1. However messed up this world might seem, Jesus has all the power. He’s already won the victory.

2. The Kingdom of God is already here on this earth, although it’s not yet here completely. That’s why we see unfairness and evil still active in this world.

3. Believers in Jesus look forward to the time soon when everything that’s wrong will be made right.

Remember: Hang in there. It’s worth the wait!

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