Jesus In A Post Truth World

Mar 19, 2020 1576

If you’ve found Jesus, you’ve found the truth.

I’ve heard people say that we’re supposed to be living in a “post-truth” world. What this means is that today, emotion is more important in shaping opinion than objective facts.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia says that… “This idea that we’re in some kind of post truth, post-fact world is really not correct…There are just facts… and there are lies, which means saying things that aren’t consistent with the facts.”

Christians believe that God is the source of all truth and that no truth exists apart from him. Jesus stood up and said that he was God, and that he was the truth.

If truth were just an abstract idea, then it has no real meaning. But if truth is a person, then truth is something that is entirely objective and factual. If you’ve found Jesus, you’ve found the truth. If you’re sick of the lies, it’s time to discover Jesus Christ.

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