An Email That Should Break Your Heart

Aug 8, 2018 1276

An Email That Should Break Your Heart

This isn’t a regular “news” story about the spread of the Gospel.

Our hearts break for starving children. Our hearts break for others when we see them caught in droughts, floods, and natural disasters. And rightly so.

But rarely do our hearts break for the millions who are perishing without hearing that there is life and hope in Jesus. Rarely do our hearts break at the sheer apathy that there exists everywhere for bringing the Gospel to those who need it most.

Very recently I received this email  (I have changed the email to protect the identity of this person):

“My name is Axmed 
I am from Somaliland
But here I don’t see people those want to spread the good news
I tried to call everyone to come to  spread the good news but still I didn’t get

I am Christian but I really disappointed because I don’t see anyone person who want to spread Christ and the good news to my somali people.

God bless you”

Does your heart break? Christs’ does.

GNU is not able to answer Axmed’s request right now. We have no one near him, nor the means to respond.

But here is my point: I plead with you to please do the work of the Gospel by supporting it with all of your resources. It doesn’t have to be through Good News Unlimited. It can be through another Gospel-centred ministry.

And pray that the day will soon come when ministries such as ours will no longer receive heart-breaking messages like this.

Because the work will be done.

And the whole earth will be full of the glory of the Lord.

And we will be home.

Grace and peace

Eliezer Gonzalez

Chimera Masudi

Aug 13, 2018

Hallelujah, somalia is one of the dangerous nation in this world for gospel, but Jesus Christ is a cure of every Somali community's' soul, yes God will calm them down and God ' s glory shall be seen.

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