Gospel Life Training Programme


The Gospel Life Training Programme has been designed so that anyone can teach the gospel and the basics of Christianity to anyone. It can be used to instruct people either before or after baptism.

It consists of eight (8) simple Christ-centred and Biblical lessons that can be delivered in small or large groups by anyone who loves the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is no technology required. All you need is a access to a photocopier to copy the lessons. They can be delivered in a house, in a hall, or under a tree!

The programme is culture-neutral so that it can be powerfully used around the world.

The Gospel Life Training Programme does not require the learners to be able to read. Each lesson consists of Bible texts and simple explanations on one side of the page, and simple graphics that the instructor can use to illustrate key ideas from each lesson for people who cannot read.

The Gospel Life Training Programme provides the basics for each lesson. The rest depends on the abilities of the instructor, who can adapt the basic lessons to meet the needs of each group of learners.

The gospel is simplicity itself, and so is this programme. But just as the gospel is also marvellously deep, the concepts, though simply presented, are profound – life-changing and community-transforming.