Christian Life Article Issues From 57 – 64

Sep 20, 2014 1590

Series of Christian Life article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 57

christian life57

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Title: Question on Theology Part Four

Dr. Ford responds to ministerial students’ question on his theology lecture. Schools of prophecy, the inner witness, the nature of Christ, the Bible, and the state of denominational theology, are discussed.

Issue No 58

christian life58

Title: How to Do Theology Part One

The best theology begins and ends with the gospel; but someone may ask you, “How do you know?” That’s epistemology: the science of knowing.

Issue No 59

christian life59

Title: How to Do Theology Part Two

Apologetics defends and “proves” the Bible. The Bible says Jesus made astounding predictions only God could make. In return, Jesus says the Bible is God’s word.

Issue No 60

christian life60

Title: Happily Ever After

A study of the Bible’s last chapters will lift our spirits as we appreciate the future secure joy that is ours in the gospel.

Issue No 61

christian life61

Title: The Delays of Love

The hardest thing to do in life is to wait. In order to teach us to trust him, God trains us by many waiting experiences.

Issue No 62

christian life62

Title: The Two Thieves: Law and Outlaw

It is good for believers to make much of the book of Romans, but it is not enough. What do you mean-not enough?

Issue No 63

christian life63

Title: Defusing Life’s Stresses

God has given us a way to cope with stress, God’s Ten Commandments reveal to the redeemed a pattern for living.

Issue No 64

christian life64

Title: How Perfect Is Perfect?

Sinless perfection is available to sinners in this life only through Christ’s imputed perfection. Perfection as Christian maturity is an ideal we are all to strive for.

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