Christian Life Article Issues From 17 – 24

Sep 18, 2014 1629

Series of Christian Life article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 17

christian life 17

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Title: Lives Transfigured by His Presence 7

Hudson Taylor’s first experiences as a missionary in China were very difficult. The British missionary community ostracized him. In his loneliness, as he sought a wife, he was opposed and penniless. But God led him to find his true love, Maria.

Issue No 18

christian life 18

Title: Lives Transfigured by His Presence 8

Exhausted from running a hospital with Maria, Hudson Taylor returned to England. There he wrestled with the problem of recruiting others. Was it right for him to ask other Christians to endure the dangers of missionary work in China? But God led the first group of Hudson’s missionaries on their five-month journey. God also protected the missionaries when the compound in China was besieged.

Issue No 19

christian life 19

Title: Lives Transfigured by His Presence 9

Only after years of Christian service did Hudson Taylor learn the gospel from the book Christ Is All. He learned to abide in Christ. This sustained him when 70 of his missionaries were murdered in the Boxer Rebellion and he suffered widowerhood and ill-health. Hudson Taylor made himself available to God throughout his life, and showed us all that God is sufficient.

Issue No 20

christian life 20

Title:  The Reason For The Season

The heart of christian doctrine has to do with caring: God’s caring for us, and then our caring for one another. Christmas, too, is about caring. That’s becuse Christ cares for us all, even the frailest of his children.

Issue No 21

christian life 21

Title: Editorial

As I write (two weeks before leaving for “down under”.) the world is echoing with the media exposure of the immorality of Jimmy swaggart.

Issue No 22

christian life 22

Title: Letter To A Failure

A letter to a dearfamily member says that what gets your attention gets you. Giving attention to ourselves leads to low self-worth. We best benefit when giving our attention to God’s unconditional love at Calvary.

Issue No 23

christian life 23

Title: Questions And Answers

To what extent do you think that God interferes with the natural laws of cause and effect? This, of course, is a question about miracles. A miracle, by definition, is something that is extraordinary, out of the ordinary, rare. Once miracles become commonplace, they are no longer miracles.

Issue No 24

christian life 24

Title: Introducing Your Bible

Is the universe friendly or unfriendly?What is the meaning of life? What am I doing here? Where am I going? How can I understand myself? Is there a God? If so, does God love me, and what should I do to please him? If there is a loving God, how is It that this world is full of trouble and sorrow?

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