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Sep 12, 2018 1807

GNU Teacher Profile 1: Diveena

Diveena shared Jesus with her family and now she shares him with the children at the Good News Children’s Care Centre.

There are three new teachers who have been appointed at the Good News Children’s Care Centre in Nadiwada, India. Sister Diveena is one of these teachers. She was raised Hindu, but accepted Jesus in 2017 and through her the rest of her family accepted Jesus too. She is currently studying at college and is very interested in serving God and the children. Here is an interview I had with her:

Could you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Diveena. I am 20 years old and I was born here in St. Colony, Nandiwada.

Were you raised Christian?

No, I was brought up Hindu and none of my family members knew about Jesus. I accepted Jesus into my life through the GNU TV Programme and the Good News Children’s Care Centre.


“I am so very thankful to Jesus for bringing me here”


How did you come to the Good News Children’s Care Centre?

I live nearby but I never paid much attention to it. But by watching the GNU TV Programme I came to know about Jesus. I called Pr Joseph, the programme’s host, on the phone and found out about the children’s centre. It is the GNU TV Program and God the Holy Spirit who helped me to come to the centre and learn more about the Holy Gospel.

What would you say about your life?

Now my life is so happy after accepting Jesus. When I was at school studying, I was doing idol worship and going about Hindu temples along with my friend. So now my life is changing with the Word of God and I am able to teach at the Good News Children’s Care Centre. I pray and read the Bible daily. My Mommy and Daddy are so happy and now they have also accepted Jesus although they were Hindu. I am so very thankful to Jesus for bringing me here. Thanks to Jesus and you all.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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Okondu Nneka

Apr 16, 2019

Congratulations Diveena.Accepting Christ is the greatest treasure in a Lifetime.Saying no to others and saying yes to God's kingdom.You testimonies shall be permanent in Jesus mighty name Amen.


Apr 16, 2019

Halleluia! Diveena, even the Angels in God's Kingdom are happier than we being witness on earth. I am very sure your story of the past would never ever be the same today! We pray that the Lord leads your present to do His will by steadfastly obey His commandment, devote to His worship, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ more and live a christian life; and faithfully to His Eternal Kingdom for ever. God bless us! Amen.


Apr 14, 2019

Nice to hear that. That's a great decision. May God bless you. Diveena

Pierre-Claver Havyarimana.

Apr 13, 2019

It is so exciting to see a Hindu young lady; accepting what Jesus did on the Cross for her. Many thanks for sharing this testimony, may God bless you.

Linden Johnson

Apr 13, 2019

How wonderful that this lovely young girl is leading the way in her family to bring them all to a happier and fulfilling life through our Lord Jesus Christ.... it is the younger generation that will lead India out of the darkness and into the Light..... knowing what God can do for them.... that will bring the people of India out of poverty and into a happier world..... Praise the Lord.... ???

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