Good News Unlimited 2007 Issue

Sep 13, 2014 1905

Issue No 1

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  • Jesus and John The Baptist Part One by Brad McIntyre
  • Jesus and John The Baptist Part Two by Brad McIntyre
  • I See You, Tommy by Thomas Robinson
  • Through Misery To Mercy by Ron Allen
  • It Is Finished’ by Boris Dobra
  • As A Man Thinks So Is He by Santo Calarco
Issue No 2



  • Islam and Christianity: What are the Differences? Part 1 by Ritchie Way
  • Islam and Christianity: What are the Differences? Part 2 by Ritchie Way
  • In Conclusion by Ritchie Way
  • Glorying in Christ by Ron Allen
  • GNU Seminars 2007
  • These Men have been with Jesus by C.H Spurgeon
Issue No 4



  • The Foolish Wise Man by Desmond Ford
  • The Generosity Of God by Noel Mason
  • We Are Managers Not Owners by Bob and Debbie Gass
  • To The Shores Of Tripoli by Mark Ellis
  • Receiving And Giving by Ritchie Way
Issue No 8



  • The Dark Side Part 1 by Ritchie Way
  • The Dark Side Of Athiesm by Tapu Misa
  • The Dark Side Part 2 by Ritchie Way
  • Jesus: The Light Of The World by Noel Mason
  • The Light Inside by Ritchie Way
Issue No 12

2007 issue 12


  • The Unspeakable Gift by Dr Desmond Ford
  • The Beggar’s Refuge by Ron Allen
  • Christmas Almost Didn’t Happen by Pastor Warwick Sheffield
  • Some Interesting Facts About Christmas
  • Jesus The Unexpected by Noel Mason
  • Spot The Difference by Tammy Brinsmead
  • Bible Quiz
  • Discussion Point
  • How Smart Is It To Gamble by Bill Ellis
  • Happiness Is The Road
  • The Prince Of Peace by Bob & Debby Gass
  • Securing Jerusalem’s Water Supply by William Barclay
  • The Case For Christmas by Lee Strobel
Issue No 7

july 2007 7


  • Jesus’ Second Coming by Ritchie Way
  • Coming Ready or Not by Ritchie Way
  • Book of Hope Aims to Bring God’s Word to Every Child in Every Language by Michael Ireland
  • One Hell of a Storm by Chris Gratham
  • The Secret Rapture by Ritchie Way
  • UN Human Rights Council: Protecting Religion by Elizabeth Kendal
  • Discussion Point
  • A New Testament Miracle D R Martin
  • The Lame Man Tells His Story
  • Mothball Religion by Gordon Bailey
Issue No 6

june 2007 6


  • The Lazarus Matrix by Ritchie Way
  • To Hell With Standards by Desmond Ford
  • Are You Satisfied With What You Are Becoming by Bob Gass
  • Surpassing Righteousness by Ron Allen
  • Free Slaves by Ron Allen
  • Discussion Point
  • As A Man Thinks So Is He Part 2 by Santo Calarco
  • Are You There, God? Thomas Robinson
  • Bible Quiz
  • Costly Grace by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Sin’s Trap by Charles H. Spurgeon
 Issue No 3

march 2007 3


  • Beliefs About Death by Ritchie Way
  • From Death To Life by Gordon Moyes
  • Musings On Death by Noel Mason
  • Discussion Point
  • What Is Your Life? by Bob and Debby Gass
  • Starting Over by Brad McIntyre
  • The End by Ian Dunwoodie
 Issue No 5

may 2007 5


  • The First Judgement by Ritchie Way
  • Right With God Right Now by Dr Desmond Ford
  • The Last Judgement by Ritchie Way
  • The Dreaded ‘J’ Word
  • Is There Any Hope?
Issue No 11

2007 11


  • Editorial
  • Israel In History & Prophecy 1 by Ritchie Way
  • Why Israelis Are Afraid Very Afraid by Yossi Klein Halevi & Michael B. Oren
  • Israel In History & Prophecy II by Ritchie Way
  • About This Book: God, Guns and Israel
  • Messianic New Zealand Jew Ministers Reconciliation In Israel by Lynley Smith
  • Discussion Point
  • Israel In History & Prophecy III by Ritchie Way
  • Christianity In China by Elizabeth Kendal
 Issue No 10

october 2007 10


  • Editorial
  • Church And State by Ritchie Way
  • Free And Not So Easy-But Still Free by Smuts Van Rooyen
  • Muslims In America by Mark Ellis
  • Persecution Growing Fastest In Islamic World by Jeremy Reynalds
  • Trust In The Lord by Charles H. Spurgeon
  • Plea For Secular Government In India
  • Discussion Point
  • Iraqi Government Failing Nation’s Christians by Dan Wooding
  • No Protection for Christians in Iraq by Wolfgang Polzer
  • Only Through Christ’s Power by The Gospel for Asia
 Issue No 7

sept 2007 no 7


  • Editorial
  • The Power of One by Part 1 by Ritchie Way
  • ‘Please Don’t Leave Us’ by Patrick Reilly
  • The Power of One by Part 2 by Ritchie Way
  • One Woman Who Saved 2500 Children by Harry de Quettevile in Poznan
  • The Amazing Life of Christ by Desmond Ford
  • One Man Steps Out For Jesus by Mark Ellis
  • Seed and Soil by Desmond Ford
  • Discussion Point

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