Healing and Answered Prayer – Uganda

Jan 8, 2019 1553

Healing and Answered Prayer – Uganda

After his recovery, Abdallla Kassim has become very receptive to the Gospel.

Recently my colleague Pr Chisunka and I went to pray for a friend who had become very dangerously infected with some strange disease. He had been in the hospital for several days, with a very high fever that wouldn’t go away. The doctors had tried different medicines but nothing worked.

Earlier, the day of our visit, they had tried some type of medicine, which we later came to understand was usually used to fight cancer or something similar. But the fever had still not gone down when we arrived. This gave us jitters and he himself was very worried about the situation.

We asked if we could pray and our friend agreed and seemed genuinely thankful even though he is Moslem. I knelt beside the bed. Pr. Chisunka was on the other side and he prayed quietly in the spirit, trying to see what his heart said about our friend’s situation, trying to determine what he could believe. After a minute or so of this he knew what to say.


We felt that there was need to pray like never before


Pr Chisunka stood up and said, because he knew in his heart that the thing that he said by faith would come to pass, “The fever is leaving, they’ll send you home in the morning.” I put into agreement with him according to Matthew 18:19, which says, “…truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” And so I also said, “The fever is leaving, they’ll send you home in the morning.”

That night we felt that there was need to pray like never before. So we prayed again for almost half an hour in our student hostel before retiring to bed. At 3 AM we woke up again and asked God to heal our friend, that God’s name might be glorified.

At ten in the morning we went to check on our sick friend and guess what happened – the fever had left and they were about to send him home! His name is Abdallla Kassim and he has become very receptive to the Gospel, despite the fact that his Moslem friends are very critical about him hanging around with pastors. We continue to pray for Kassim, including for his salvation.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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