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Sep 25, 2014 3002

Articles written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 1

health 1

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Title: Questions and Answers

Questions and answers regarding scientific medicine.

Issue No 2

health 2

Title: Questions and Answers on Preventive Medicine

Questions and answers regarding preventive medicine.

Issue No 3

health 3

Title: Do Many Christians Choose To Be Sick? Part 2

WHEN GOD DELIVERED a nation which was to be a pattern for all the redeemed, he instructed them that health would be the result of obedience:

Issue No 4

health 4

Title: Do Many Christians Choose To Be Sick? Part 1

WHAT IS THE physical state of the Union, this “one country under God”? Millions have “fat-crippled hearts, alcohol-saturated brains and livers…

Issue No 5

health 6

Title: England’s Food Scandal

WELL-KNOWN BOOK in Britain is entitled The Food Scandal, by Carolyn Walker and Geoffrey Cannon. According to the internationally known newspaper, the Times, this book is…

Issue No 6

health 6

Title: The Unsuspected Truth

DR PRIDE AND excessive self-concern are responsible for much of our sickness. The Christian way of humility and love is also the way of health.

Issue No 7

health 7

Title: Worth More Than A Million

Questions and Answers about chronic diseases in USA.

Issue No 8

health 8

Title: Not Our Own

We are not our own. On the bases of the gift of life, the preservation of life, and our redemption on Calvary, we belong to Another.

Issue No 9

health 9

Title: Seed and Soil

Disease is a matter of seed and soil. Bacteria and viruses not only determine our state of health, so does the condition of our immune system.




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