How God Remembered Pr Joseph When I Forgot

Apr 15, 2014 2036


Pr Joseph feeding the poor and needy – provided by your gift!


Some time ago, Pr Joseph in Andhra Pradesh asked me if it might be possible if he could receive some money from Good News Unlimited to buy a musical instrument for his ministry, since the people love to sing, and having a musical instrument would, in his words, “make the people come alive.” I said no, because we had recently sent him other gifts for other needs, and we want to share our work around, and we are primarily a gospel resources ministry, However, I did tell him that I would try to find a private sponsor for his musical instrument. I mentioned it to a few people, but I got busy and I didn’t end up trying very hard. But while I had forgotten; God had not.


Pr Joseph and Mary’s daughter withe the new Casio keyboard

A little while ago Mary passed away. Mary was a very elderly lady in one of Pr Joseph’s congregations in one of the villages. She had brought over a hundred people to Christ through her faithful witness and was a great encouragement to Pr Joseph and all the believers in the villages. Mary also loved to sing.

I shared this sad news on Facebook, and that in Mary’s memory, Pr Joseph had provided food for 100 people (a loving custom over there). When I shared this news, a member of our wonderful GNU community on Facebook contacted me privately through Facebook chat to tell me that they wanted to make a donation to Pr Joseph’s ministry, and did I know if he had any needs.

Pr-Usalas-son-Robin-and-daughter-Blessy-enjoying-the-new-casio-keyboard-300x225It was then that I remembered the musical instrument, and I shared this with this person. They asked me how much it would cost and I replied that Pr Joseph had told me that it would cost around $100.  This person then replied that they wanted to give a gift of $200 so that Pr Joseph could use the extra for feeding the poor. Pr Joseph was overjoyed when I told him. And even more when he was able to go and buy a new Casio keyboard for his ministry in the villages, and food to feed his poor and needy people.

This morning, Pr Joseph sent me this email (and these photos):

Feeding-the-Poor-and-Needy-Through-a-Gift-Provided-through-GNU-300x225Greetings to you in the love and glory of Jesus Christ our Savior. How are you Pastor? I had the wonderful and Blessed Sabbath day. And I had provided 100 people food to the poor and needy. Dear Pastor, I have bought the instrument named Casio. It is very very useful and helpful during the prayer meetings. I am very happy to inform you that by distributing the Holy Bibles and feeding the poor and needy our Church members are increasing week by week. New Hindu people have been coming to know about Jesus teachings. So please pray for them. Please pray for me and the ministry. Thanks a lot in Christ.

You see, we can forget, but God doesn’t. We may sometimes see things as relatively unimportant, and we may get caught up with the business of the things that surround us, but God cares about all of our needs. He does not forget his children.

This is a lesson for me and for Good News Unlimited. I tend to become anxious about how God will provide. If God doesn’t forget Pr Joseph and the humble needs of his ministry, he will not forget us either. And of course, He will not forget you.

Eliezer Gonzalez

15 April 2014


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