Never Abandoned

Mar 3, 2017 1637

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Never Abandoned

There’s someone I know, and when he was seven, he disobeyed his father. So his dad told him to pack his things in a little bag, and he took him to an orphanage. And there, outside the orphanage, his dad told him that he was leaving him there because he was no good as a son. I guess you can imagine how that haunted that poor little kid for the rest of his life.

Sadly we live in a society in which to call God your Father is a turn-off rather than a positive for too many people because they never really had a true father.

Regardless of the kind of human father you had, God still wants to be the perfect father to you today.

And if you never had a father, God really is the father you always needed. He never abandons his children, not even when we don’t live up to his expectations.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Never Abandoned

God’s children are never abandoned.

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