No More Locusts

Jun 7, 2017 1559

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No More Locusts

I’m a city boy, but I come from a long line of farmers, for many generations. Unless you’re a farmer, you probably don’t know much about locusts, but they’re terrifying to those who work the land. They were even more terrifying in Biblical times.

Imagine a dark thick cloud of approaching insects, covering the whole sky. And after they leave, every green thing has disappeared, leaving starvation and misery.

Today we’ve got other things that take away our security and our hope, things that make us feel helpless and aimless. So here’s God’s promise:

I will repay you for what the locusts have eaten. – Joel 2:25

It’s true that you can appear to lose everything in this world. But the Lord Jesus is the great Repayer, the great Restorer, and the great Redeemer. So don’t let your life be defined by the locusts, but by the miracles that await you in Jesus!

Eliezer Gonzalez

No More Locusts

Jesus is the great Repayer, the great Restorer and the great Redeemer.

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