Roadside Clothes Ironer Finds Jesus – Guraja, India

Oct 22, 2018 2047

Roadside Clothes Ironer Finds Jesus – Guraja, India

Rayadu stands in the hut where he works, holding the copies of Jesus Only and the Good News Unlimited Magazine he has been given.

Rayadu lives in the village of Guraja, India. He does the daily work of ironing clothes in a tiny hut and makes a living by it. He has recently accepted Jesus into his life after watching the GNU TV Programme.

Rayadu was born and brought up as a Hindu man. He did many idol rituals and went to many Hindu temples to offer goats, chickens and other things. But doing these things was no use. His family went increasingly downward economically and in regards to health problems. So he did not know what to do.

One day he happened to see the GNU TV Programme. As he watched, his way of thinking and way of life was something he wanted to change. He called me on phone, as I host the programme, and asked me to come to his village where he has been doing the daily work of ironing clothes. He shared everything about his life. He said,


“My heart feels so happy”


Through the Holy Bible and what I have heard on the TV, I am so touched and my heart feels so happy. I accept Jesus into my life and now I would like to read more about Jesus.

So I gave him a copy of Jesus Only by Des Ford and a copy of the monthly Good News Unlimited Magazine. Now he is so happy. Thanks to Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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