Step/Week 5, Day 3 – Admit: Beneficial Losses

May 6, 2020 975

“But if we confess our sins to Him, He can be depended on to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong. And it is perfectly proper for God to do this for us because Christ died to wash away our sins” (1Jn. 1:9, TLB).

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 5 Day 3 – Admit Beneficial Losses

When we’ve been stuck in the vicious cycle of our addictions, we’ve been living a life of isolation. We hide from people, from the outside world, and especially from God; it’s only the thought of feeding our addictions that takes first place in our minds. Our life of addiction becomes our total existence. We cannot rely on ourselves to “put things right”; we need the aid of other people and especially God, as we come to confess our sins.

Living in isolation and addiction is not where God wants you to be. You can move away, with God’s help, from this unhealthy style of living. God wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. You can forget about being alone, as you’re never alone where God is concerned. He is closer than your very breath.

You probably think: “God can’t help me; I’m too far gone!” That’s not true. He wants to help you. He wants to forgive your sins and help you move away from your unwillingness to forgive others, too.

This is where admitting and confessing to another trusted person (and in God’s presence) comes in. Today’s verse contains a promise. If you confess your sins, you will be forgiven. He can and He wants to cleanse you from everything you’ve done wrong. He sent Jesus to die in your place on the Cross. Jesus dealt with your sin there, that day, so that you can have freedom today. You need to seek Him, and He will be waiting to forgive you.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: You have so much to lose, but in a positive way, when you confess your sins to God and another trusted person. God will banish your isolation, by entering into relationship with you, and He will help you to forgive those who have wronged you, just as He forgives you.

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