The Gospel Changes Lives in Varavada, India

Oct 22, 2018 1674

GNU India The Gospel Changes Lives in Varavada India

People sit in the streets to hear the Gospel preached.

We conducted a Gospel meeting in the remote village of Varavada, India, where people do not know much about Jesus. Ten people accepted Jesus into their lives. Here are some of them:

Murtharao is 22 years old and is not married. He came to the Gospel meeting for the first time and accepted Jesus into his life. Before that he was an unbeliever and he did not know about Jesus and he had no peace in his life. So he has been searching for peace and wanted to know more about the Holy Bible. So he accepted Jesus. He said,

This Gospel Evangelism helped my life a lot and my life has changed in Christ Jesus by hearing the Word of God. I give thanks to Jesus for changing my life.

Namratha is 23 years old. She stopped her studies and remained at her house without any work or vision or mission. But she watched our GNU TV Programme and called me on the phone and talked and shared about her life. So I invited her to come to the Gospel Evangelism in the village. So she came and heard about the Holy Gospel and changed her way of life and accepted Jesus into her life. She told me that she would go to work and make changes in her life. Thanks to Jesus. She said,

It is the Holy Gospel and watching the GNU TV Programme that changed my life. I was hopeless and helpless at my house. My parents were scolding me and telling me to do some work. But I was not interested in doing any work. By attending the Holy Gospel Evangelism I decided to do the work of God and the job that God leads me to do. Thanks to Jesus. 


“I give thanks to Jesus for changing my life”


Padoddu is 26 years old. He was born and brought up in a tribal family and did not know anything about Jesus. He is not married, and has been doing a car driving job but he did not want to drive all his life. So he has been thinking about doing a different job. When we conducted the Gospel Meeting, he came and sat far back in the corner of the street and listened to the Holy Gospel. As he heard about the Holy Gospel it touched his heart and after the meeting he came and asked me to pray. So I prayed for him and he told me that he is so happy now and the Word of God has touched and moved his life very much. He felt so happy. Then he asked me about the Holy Bible. So I told him that I would give him one. Now he wants to come with us and be involved in Gospel meetings wherever we go. And he wanted to know more about Jesus. He said,

It is the powerful Word of God that changed my life and now I am so happy! I never heard about Jesus before. So this Gospel Evangelism helped me a lot by telling me about Jesus and changed my life. Thanks to Jesus.   

– Pr Joseph Usala

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