Unlimited: God Always Hears You

Dec 24, 2018 2056

Unlimited: God Always Hears You

My God will hear me (Micah 7:7).

Friends may be unfaithful, but the Lord will not turn away from anyone who comes to him; on the contrary, He will listen to all your sincere desires. The prophet says, “Keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. A man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” This is a wretched state of affairs; but even when other people hurt us, Jesus, our Best Friend remains true, and we may tell Him all our grief.

Our wisdom is to look unto the Lord and not to quarrel with other people. If our loving appeals are disregarded by our relatives, let us wait upon the God of our salvation, for He will hear us. He will hear us all the more because of the unkindness and oppression of others, and we shall soon have reason to cry, “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy!”

Because God is the living God, He can hear; because He is a loving God, He will hear; because He is our covenant God, He has bound Himself to hear us. We can confidently call him “My God,” and we can be absolutely certain that, “My God will hear me.” So, when you are suffering, tell God about your sorrows! You can confidently say, “My God will hear me.” – Charles Spurgeon (adapted)

Eli’s Reflection: Why does God want to hear you? Is it so that he can know what you need? No, he already knows. Is it so that he can give you whatever you want? Not really. So, what then is the real purpose of prayer? If that’s the case, how then, should we pray? Consider whether there is anything that you should change about the way you pray.

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