Unlimited: Under Grace

Oct 20, 2022 1028

Unlimited: Under Grace

For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace (Romans 6:14).

Sin was our master. It ruled in our lives, but not any longer. Paul here directly parallels the idea of sin being our master, with being “under” the law. This helps us to understand what it means to be “under the law” and to be “under grace.”

To be under the law means to be under the power of the law, and the law has no power except to condemn. To be under grace means that your life is ruled by grace, which brings life-transforming freedom and power.

To be under grace means that your life is ruled by grace.

Paul isn’t saying that this side of eternity, there will be no sin in the life of a person who has been saved. Instead, he is emphasising that in such a person, the ruling principle in their life will be grace and righteousness, and not sin and law. These are two very different ways of living!

Charles Spurgeon wrote that these words provide us with a test, a promise, and an encouragement. It is a test because we must ask ourselves what is it that has dominion over our lives. It is a promise because it tells us that sin will not have dominion over us because of our new birth in Christ. It is also an encouragement to be strong in our battle against sin.

Spiritual Application

Which principle rules in your life? Is it the principle of performing in order to be approved, and the acceptance of others based on their performance? Or is it the principle of receiving grace from God and offering it freely to others?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Joseph J Chamalska

Oct 20, 2022

Living by grace empowers supernatural living since you are not bound by the law. The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth

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