Young and Old Join the Kingdom of Heaven in Ukraine thanks to your support!

Jun 17, 2016 1146

Good News Unlimited has been blessed to be able to help spread the Good News fast in Kherson, Ukraine. In mid-April, Drs Philip Rodionoff and Eliezer Gonzalez jointly presented the Gospel in an evangelistic programme that was privately sponsored by people who want to see as many Ukrainians as possible in heaven.

The two-week programme focused on a clear presentation of the Gospel, supported by compelling evidence for the reliability of the Bible, our origins, and for the historicity of Jesus Christ. Flyers to announce it and preparation meetings helped to prepare fertile ground to sow the seeds of the Gospel in this city that has seen so much misery over recent years. God blessed our work with an amazing crosssection of the city’s population.

The Lord tells us he counts every sparrow, and each person is individually special. But we would also like to share a summary of the Lord’s harvest thus far. At the conclusion of the meetings, 100 people gave their lives to Christ. Sixteen signified their commitment through baptism, some of whom were baptised immediately, while others chose to wait until the summer, when the waters of their special river, the Dniepr, will be sufficiently warm. One week after we left, we had word that a further 27 people were meeting in study

Your new brothers and sisters in the Lord thank each person who made this programme possible through your sacrificial giving, prayers and encouragement.

There are precious names, stories and gratitude to God behind these numbers, and we can bring you only a snapshot.

I have now decided to surrender my life to Jesus and be baptized.

Young and Old Join the Kingdom of Heaven in Ukraine thanks to your support!Ana

I am 18 years old and came to Kherson last summer to study here. Some friends told me about the Gospel being presented by the evangelists from Australia, and I was very glad to come and learn about God and his Word. As a result I have now decided to surrender my life to Jesus and be baptized.



Everything has changed for me now that I know about Jesus Christ and salvation: my relationships are better, and even my business has improved. Best of all, I have found spiritual balance and peace, thanks to God’s grace. Now I want to be baptised.



I am very glad that there is an awakening for God among people all over the world, and that they are willing
to be closer to each other and share God’s blessing. As a result of such people, I have been blessed by this programme presented by Dr Rodionoff and Dr Gonzalez.

We have had many troubles here in Ukraine, but now my spirit is alive and I can have hope for a better future!


I grew up in an atheistic society, and have had many difficulties in my life. Thanks to these Gospel meetings, I have been able to start studying the Bible again. I am now getting answers to many of my questions. Philip and Eliezer have a very logical, rational and positive approach, which helps me have confidence that the Bible is reliable.



I am 16 years old, and I think this programme is important for young people because we are a new generation and we have to grow and continue the wonderful work that you are doing here in sharing the Gospel. I am going to be baptized!



These meetings have helped me to grow spiritually, and are also helping my family to come to God. I want to be baptised and to follow Jesus.



When I sit in these meetings, Jesus Christ is so close to me, and my consciousness changes! Our brothers who have come to us from Australia to bring us these powerful words from the Bible, have helped us to make the decision to take a stand for God. I am so glad and so humbled that these people have come to us to bless us!

During the meetings I made a decision to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour. I had heard people talk about God many times before, but Pr Eliezer’s words were so very powerful, and the Holy Spirit touched my heart. It is as if the Holy Spirit pushed me towards God.



I have learned about the important issues of life and death and how to face them positively. I had heard some of these things before, but the material that the speakers presented in these programmes has helped me understand and accept them. My life has been turned around in the right direction, and I thank God.


Fyodor and RayaFyodor and Raya1Fyodor and Raya

We lived in the Soviet Union, where we were taught to be athiests from childhood. But our children invited us to this programme. We are so happy to be here with God, and we want to be baptized!



I am a lecturer in the business faculty at the university in Kherson. This programme has helped me to have confidence that the Bible is true. Most of all, I have learned more about Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for his love, for his hand in my life, because I can see that he has led me all my life.

I have already been sharing some of what I have learnt with my students. Thanks to this programme, I want to be baptised and I am very happy.

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