2016 03 12 – Rebecca Gonzalez – Learning To Run

Mar 14, 2016 1606

Rebecca Gonzalez

Mar 21, 2016

Thanks Pauline, It's a blessing to hear your response. The resurrected Jesus is the one who always gives us the strength and will to run and I pray He always gives you this strength.

Pauline lubega

Mar 18, 2016

To Rebecca Gonzalez: learn how to run ? I have just listen to your talk about how to run and tell the good news that Jesus is risen and that he is around us. Such words are true and are comforting. To a soul that knows of Christ and a soul that met Christ. While on the knees praying, while in the bible searching for a scripture to council, and in pain , doubt, oppressed, yet stood firm because of faithfulness on Christ. I know. He is risen. O know he is always around, I know he is all I hope for. He is around me Thank you Rebecca Love in Christ Iam weak on writing. L wish for strength to know, how to run and go to tell the world that I saw him and he lives in my heart. I long for such a day. In the mean time I will try to gaze a upon him and to feel his presence. Amen ?

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