Christ the Transformer

Jun 7, 2017 2583

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Christ the Transformer

The 2007 movie Transformers is all about a race of alien robots who can transform themselves into different kinds of machinery. Optimus Prime is the biggest of them all. But even he can’t compete with the ultimate Transformer, Jesus Christ!

In the Bible, the Gospel of John describes seven miracles that Jesus did. In them, he transforms water to wine, sickness to health, weakness to strength, hunger to satisfaction, danger to safety, darkness and blindness to light and sight, and death to life.

By performing these miracles, one by one, Jesus demonstrates his ability to transform every dimension of human existence. He has power over the quality of life, over quantity, over time, over space, over apparent chance, and even over death.

In fact, the message of the Gospel is that once we believe in Jesus, through our union with him, we become unlimited! Remember: Whatever is lacking in your life, you will receive through faith in Jesus.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Christ the Transformer

Whatever is lacking in your life, you receive through faith in Jesus Christ.

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