God Saved Sanjeevarao’s Life And Now He Spends It Sharing the Gospel

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God Saved Sanjeevarao’s Life And Now He Spends It Sharing the Gospel

Sanjeevarao uses his musical ability to serve God.

Sanjeevarao became a Christian after he was involved in a motorbike accident and Jesus saved his life. Now he spends his time working to spread the Gospel, and plays the keyboard at Gospel meetings in different villages.

Sanjeevarao is from the village of Pollukonda, India. He was raised Hindu, and first learned about Jesus when he started watching the GNU TV Programme.

His life changed one year ago when he was involved in a serious accident while riding his motorbike. His leg was badly injured to the extent that he was at risk of dying. The doctor’s said it would be very difficult to fix his leg, and the chances of his survival were low.

However, by the grace of God, they were able to save his leg and his life. Sanjeevarao remembered what he had learned while watching the GNU TV Programme and believed that Jesus had saved his life. He was in the Hospital 45 days and in that time he prayed and gave his life to Jesus.


“I started praying and Jesus saved my life”


It was after Sanjeevarao left hospital that he first came to a Gospel meeting where he met Pr Joseph, who hosts the GNU TV Programme. Sanjeevarao shared his story – including how he had started watching the GNU TV Programme, the accident, and how Jesus saved his life.

Sanjeevarao is now passionate about spreading the Gospel. He has left his job and has joined Pr Joseph and the evangelism team as they travel to “untouchable” villages and tell people about God’s love. He has learned how to play the keyboard, and he is involved in the music and singing at the Gospel meetings. He says,

I was a traditional Hindu man. My wife and I did many rituals in various Hindus temples. So we did not have a peaceful and happy life though we have two sons and one daughter. But when I saw the GNU TV Programme the Word of God touched my heart and moved it a lot. So I started praying and Jesus saved my life. So now I am so happy in Christ Jesus. My wife also accepted Jesus and my sons and my daughter accepted Jesus. Thanks to Jesus for doing great things in my life. 

– Ella Rodionoff

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