How to Deal With Pain

Jan 28, 2019 7650

How to Deal With Pain

I want to talk to you about pain; not the kind that you can deal with by taking a tablet. I’m not talking about physical pain. I want to talk to you about the pain of the heart.

It’s the kind of pain that sometimes you don’t even realise is there until one day you wake up tormented by your feelings and with your heart twisted up in knots. It’s the kind of pain whose symptoms are easy to miss because it’s often too easy blame them on others.

The most common symptom of pain of the heart is anger. We are angry at others for causing our pain. We may even blame God himself. Because we ultimately can’t keep anger bottled up inside us, we have to direct it at someone else. We have to find a way to justify it. Sometimes, instead of blaming to others, we just blame ourselves and destroy ourselves and with us, those around us. That’s what happens when we are suffering from pain within. Either way, we suffer, and those around us suffer as well.

It’s easy to blame others for pain of the heart. After all, we’ve all been hurt by others, right? And the first thing that pain of the heart does is to scramble our thoughts so that we cannot think outside ourselves. Then we build walls around our hearts and lives to protect them against being hurt, so that no-one can get in. And finally it makes all our thoughts and actions selfish.

That’s what happens when pain of the heart is not dealt with. And there’s only one way to deal with pain of the heart; only one way to heal. But to access it, we need help from the outside of ourselves. We cannot do it alone. Accepting that is often the hardest step.

Anger is usually a warning sign that we need to forgive.

There is only one solution for the problem of pain of the heart. It’s not an easy cure, but it’s a certain cure. And there is only one solution. You will never lose that pain and be free and healed until you are willing to accept it.

Whatever the cause of that pain, healing is only possible through the way of forgiveness. Most often we need to forgive others, sometimes we need to forgive ourselves, and sometimes even God. Anger is usually a warning sign that we need to forgive, to heal the pain in our heart.

It’s usual when the pain becomes too great to bear that people reach rock-bottom. It’s only then that they may reach out for help outside of themselves, and come to understand their need to forgive.  But this realisation comes through travelling a slow and painful road.

The alternatives are unthinkable. However, in the same way as it perhaps took a long time for your heart to be wounded, so too you must be patient as God heals it step by step.

Forgiveness is as essential to the soul as breathing is to the body. Like breathing, we must learn to allow forgiveness to flow into us from God, through every part of us, and out from us to others. And if you will accept it, that’s how healing comes.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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January Leslie Daniel

Feb 19, 2021

Thanks for the wonderful messages

Mittie Katu Bradford

Oct 18, 2019

Thank you for this wonderful messaged. I was taken through the most pain I had never expected in life. My ex-partners one of his many women brought two children, one of his 1 year 2 months and one of my ex partner's best friends, nine months. Both children born very closed. She was pregnant again with some else child. Not able to look after the children, she brought them and abandon them with me until the boys turned 7 years and 8 years old. My ex partner was in jail for some of his own wrong doing. When he came out of jail he teamed up with this women and came with police and got the boys. He said I kidnap the boys. God knows the truth. He sent me to police cell for over 10 times or so. I just went in and out of the police cells for the sake of the boys. I was taken to court and I won my case. I was hurt many times but I told God, you know the truth. After 5 years, one of the boys turn up at my place and said, mum I know the truth. I told the boy, I hold no grudges for what happened because I know God will bring you back to the house. I have forgiven the people who had caused me pain and I believe my lift has been lifted because he lives in me and he knows my future. Amen.


May 29, 2019

Thanks for the best messages I have ever heard in my lifetime I think from now on many thing is gonna be changed inside me after having received this message amen and God bless you and me too.

Gideon Saforo

May 4, 2019

Thank you so much for your inspirational messages, God bless you

Adam Baluwa

Feb 27, 2019

Thanx to this powerful message, I didn't know how to go about my anger. God bless you, as now I have found the best solution ever. That is forgiveness; forgiving others; forgiving myself and even to forgive GOD.

Fallah Quirmolue

Feb 12, 2019

Thanks you so much for this great message. I prayed that God will help me to forgive those that I had in my mind to destroyed. And let's him also help others to forgive me for what I have done to them. I promised to let's go of yesterday and permits the present in my life.

Ndayisenga Viateur

Feb 10, 2019

Thanks May the almighty God bless you


Feb 8, 2019

Thank you so much for these powerful words. It has really touched my heart and l believe God has healed every wound and anger in my heart. Amen

Jos' Machar

Feb 7, 2019

Thanks God for your sake! I've got a cure to what am going through almost everyday. When am hurt by by any mean I used the power of prayers to heal my soul, but the truth is; sometimes I remain sad and could see how hard to forgive and forget! Finally I can say the today's devotion made it clear to me on how get out off from stress. Again Thanks God for kindly work.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Feb 6, 2019

You're welcome, in the name of Jesus!

Kwamdzie atsu Emmanuel

Feb 5, 2019

Your word is really changing my life, so thank you!

Temba Magorimbo

Feb 4, 2019

Thank you for your daily devotionals. Good bless and keep you.

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