Our Part In Making God Real 1 To 5

Nov 11, 2014 1621

by Dr Desmond Ford

Part 1
Our Part in Making God Real 1

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The greatest problem facing us is: How are we to live? Two women, Madame Curie and Susanna Wesley, embody two opposing approaches. Famous writers tell us life is hard. Only the loving presence of God can help us.

Part 2
Our Part in Making God Real 2

The first of three ways to make God real is to be well versed in the Bible. That’s because fellowship is a two-way matter. We not only speak to God, we must hear God speak to us. God speaks to us through the Bible. All the greats in Christian history were great in knowing the Scripture.

Part 3
Our Part in Making God Real 3

The second way to make God real is prayer. The prayer esteemed in the Bible is not long, public prayer, but brief, frequent prayer. Prayer is constant communion with God.

Part 4
Our Part in Making God Real 4

Gratitude is the third way to make God real. Each of us is a billionaire, for we possess the most priceless treasure, the human body. The simple necessities and pleasures of life are also blessings for which we can be thankful to God.

Part 5
Our Part in Making God Real 5

God is present with us when we express gratitude.


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