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Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 29, 2021

Dear Harrington Munalula - African Christianity has merged traditional cultural beliefs and some of the worst aspects of western Christianity. That is why every man calls himself a prophet, and most of them are after money. There is a true prophetic gift, but you will never discern it until you listen to the Word of God (the Bible) first. Do not listen to these prophets. Focus your attention on the Bible alone. Let God lead you through His Word, and you will be safe. - Eliezer

Harrington munalula

Mar 25, 2021

Calvarly greetings to you,am a Zambian,my interest is how here in Africa almost every man of God has turned into a prophet,it worries me alot because alot of errors are popping up in the kingdom of God.I need guidance on prophetic teaching

Victor Alberto Condoeira

Sep 14, 2020

amen glory to God. God's love has reached us wherever we are, but sometimes we need a little push to be involved.

Nirmala Wati Dutt

May 8, 2019

I once use to fly like an eagle in things of God.i use to be a intercessor.something bad happened to me. I became paranoid and lost everything.i need your prayers as God is restoring me.i need to get back

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