Unlimited: Rest in Jesus

Nov 22, 2019 1114

Unlimited: Rest in Jesus

Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28, CEB).

Recently, I went on a 17-kilometre hike down into a valley and back up again. Going down was easy but going up was another story! I’m not as fit or strong as I used to be! That night, I slept really, really well!

While most days aren’t as physically tough as that, every day we live can be mentally and emotionally tough. Over time, if we are relying only on our own strength, our hearts will wither and die within us.

Jesus knows you. He knows you as a physical being. He knows you as a mental being, and he knows you as a spiritual being. And he knows that you don’t only need rest for your body,  you also need rest for your mind, and especially for your spirit.

This ends when you find your rest in Jesus

Your endless search for identity, acceptance, and love will end when you find your rest in Jesus. You will find your ultimate goal. You will find what you were made for. Striving to be accepted based on your performance will end when you find your rest in Jesus.

That’s why Jesus invites you to come to him. You will still struggle in this life. There will still be loads you have to carry. But all will be possible, and all will be a joy when you are well-rested in Christ.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: What is the hardest struggle in your life? What is the heaviest load you need to bear? Have you found your rest in Jesus yet? Comment on this post or in the Facebook Group.

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luz springfield

Nov 28, 2019

I need Jesus to take away my anxiety and depression..to heal me..and to thank him for my blessings//Amen


Nov 22, 2019

All ti thee my blessed Savior ! I surrender all. He tells me what I ought to do, he tells me how to try and so we work together, my Lord and l.

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