Unlimited: The Things That Result in Death

Nov 3, 2022 666

Unlimited: The Things That Result in Death

Those things result in death! (Romans 6:21b)

Immediately before this statement, Paul asked the rhetorical question of what benefit resulted from the things of which the people in the church in Rome did before they were in Christ. Now he answers his own question, and tells us emphatically that all these things did was to result in death.

The apostle Paul expresses a powerful truth about life here. Apart from the intervention of Jesus Christ, this world is ruled by death. Whether we realise it or not, people everywhere are in a frantic race to try to avoid or to deny death.

Consider the largest industries on our planet. All of these industries exist because there is sin in the world, and we know that we age, sicken, and die.

All these things did was result in death.

Consider the journey of your own life to this point. The things you loved before you were born again in Christ ultimately would have resulted in death. Even the things you thought were good, were still tainted by selfishness and sin and would have resulted in death. And if you grew up knowing Jesus, then you will still recognise that left to your own devices, the result would have been death. I’m not talking about simply your own personal death, but also the death of hopes and dreams, or relationships, and even possibly even of others.

Spiritual Application

As you look back on your own life, you will inevitably be faced with the question: Where would you be without Christ? Take some time to reflect on that.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Nov 9, 2022

God bless you for the indepth

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