Unlimited: When Grace Ceases to be Grace

May 12, 2023 565

to be grace Unlimited When Grace Ceases to be Grace

… a remnant chosen by grace. And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace (Romans 11:6).

From time to time there have been particular groups of Christians who have considered themselves God’s “remnant.” However, a proper understanding of the “remnant” in the Bible will lead us to see that it consists of the saved at any particular point in time. On a cosmic scale, the “remnant” consists of the saved from all the ages.

Here in Romans 11:6, the apostle Paul gives us a beautiful definition of the “remnant” of God: The remnant is defined wholly by the grace of God, and not by their own works.

In what ways have you denied the grace of God in your life, so that grace has ceased to be grace?

The remnant doesn’t choose itself. It is chosen by God. It is the work of God, and not our work. In fact, our “works” have no place in defining us as the “remnant.” The remnant is composed of those who have been saved by grace. And so the remnant is the worldwide and invisible Body of Christ: all those who trust wholly in Jesus for their salvation and not at all in their own performance.

How can it be that grace can cease to be grace? Where was the greatest outpouring of grace onto this world? Was it not at Calvary? If you rely on your works in any way, then you are denying the Cross. You are denying the grace of God in your life.

Spiritual Application

God has poured out his grace over your life at the Cross. Think carefully: in what ways have you denied the grace of God in your life, so that grace has ceased to be grace?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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May 15, 2023

Grace is the mystery of Christ unfolding in my life right now.In healing,stepping into unknown lands of new thought and discovering the subtle thankfulness of a no greater comforting path ,that is both elation and it’s opposite ,wholly immersable ,in His Majestic Alchemy.

Clifton D. B. Pah

May 13, 2023

Thank for taking me back. Please make me to understand the topic Grace seases to be Grace.


May 13, 2023

Thank you for today’s message. I can’t ever deny the Grace of God for anything in my Life. Doing that will not show appreciation for all what God has been doing in my Life. Thank you.


May 12, 2023

Thanks for the wonderful world

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