Christ’s Article Issues From 9 – 16

Sep 17, 2014 2028

Christ’s article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford
Issue No 9

Christ - 9

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Title:  The Crises Of Christ: Gethsemane

Every detail of the closing events of Christ’s life reverberates with the Atonement. Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane is revealed as the Sin-bearer. Jesus took upon himself the sin of the world-your sins and mine.

 Issue no 10

Christ - 10

Title:  The Crises Of Christ: Calvary

Here’s the Where, when, what, Who, and Why of the cross of Christ. we were all present at Calvary – it’s a microcosm of the universe. We find our salvation and our creed there.

 Issue No 11

Christ - 11

Title: The Crises Of Christ: Resurrection

Christ’s resurrection has taken tears and fears away from the tomb.
It was prophesied that Jesus would rise ‘on the third day of victory.
Now, despite our failures, we can follow him and love him.

 Issue no 12

Christ - 12

Title:  The Crises Of Christ: His Birth

The birth of Christ teaches us that Jesus is holy and without sin, the unique God-human, and the rejected and suffering Savior who became sin for us.

Issue No 13

Christ - 13

Title:  The Crises Of Christ: His Baptism

The baptism of Christ teaches us that Jesus came to die, came to rise again, came according
to providence, and came to call us to baptism.

 Issue No 14

Christ - 14

Title:  The Crises Of Christ: His Temptation

The temptation of Christ teaches us that Christ’s total victory over the devil is ours by faith.
Christ’s victory is also what empowers us in our own struggles.

 Issue No 15

Christ - 15

Title:  Tell Us About Jesus

Because Jesus is the center of true religion, we need as many views of Jesus as possible. The New Testament’s four Gospels give us four essential views. Luke tells us much about the human Jesus, the Son of Man. Luke assures us the salvation Jesus has worked out is available to all humanity.

 Issue No 16

Christ - 16

Title:  John Tells Us About Jesus

John tells us less than Matthew, Mark, and Luke about what Jesus did, and more about who Jesus is . John reveals the inner, invisible Jesus-the Jesus who is God.

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