Christ’s Article Issues From 1 – 8

Sep 17, 2014 2189

Series Of Christ’s Article Issues by Desmond Ford
Issue No 1

Christ - 1

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Title:  Christ Is Risen

Years ago communist agitator addressed about a thousand Russian miners. “Religion is the opiate
of the people,” he shouted. “There is no God. The Bible is only a collection of fables. Jesus was just a Jew, dead and gone long ago.”

 Issue No 2

Christ - 2

Title:  The Garden Of Life And Death

It was the most mysterious event the world had ever known. The most wonderfully pure of all human beings, the most holy of all men-overwhelmed with terror and horror!

 Issue No 3

Christ - 3

Title:  Where, When, How and Who

The four Gospels are not like ordinary biographies. Strangely, they have often been likened to tadpoles with large heads and long, thin tails. That is, the Passion Story is the great emphasis of the Gospels.

Issue No 4

Christ - 4

Title:  The Glory Of Easter

Christ’s resurrection is no hoax. Neither are its benefits.

Issue No 5

Christ - 5

Title:  Good News About God In The Romance of Ruth

One of the most romantic love stories of Ruth. Ruth is the name of one of the two books in the Bible that bear the name of women. The other is the book of Esther.

 Issue No 6

Christ - 6

Title:  Jesus Only

The events surrounding the Transfiguration reveal the truly important issues in Christianity: Christ, church, cross, and coming.

 Issue No 7

Christ - 7

Title:  God’s Unspeakable Gift

God’s incomparable Gift is Jesus. Old Testament men and women are examples of the riches we have through justification, sanctification, and glorification.

 Issue No 8

Christ - 8

Title:  The Crises Of Christ: Transfiguration

Christ revealed his glory at the transfiguration to help his followers through the gruesomeness of Calvary. Moses and Elijah are symbols of all the faithful-living and dead-united on the day of Christ’s glory. We can understand Moses (the law) and Elijah (the prophets) only through Jesus.

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