Love Did It – by Desmond Ford

Jun 26, 2015 2217

FreeHere is a summary of all theology: Jesus, the divine one, the human one, died for our sins, he rose again, God accepted it and He is coming back and there is a judgment day, but if you are in Jesus there is no wrath for you at all.

This is an anecdote from the Middle Ages. In north of Europe centuries ago there was an old cathedral that had a most wondrous sculpture of Christ in one of the high arches. It was not noticed for many years, but one day as the sun gleamed in a particular angle through a window and shone on this arch, this wondrous sculpture of Christ was revealed. Thereafter crowds came, and every day when the sun would shine on that arch crowds, would arrive.

There was a story behind it. When the church was being built, an old man had come to the architect and said, “Please let me help you.” He was old in years, worn out with age and care, and the architect wanted to grant his petition but was afraid lest he mar some of the beauty of the new building, so he said, “All right, you can work way up there,” and put him up in the shadow of one of the highest vaults in the ceiling.

The old man went up there and day after day he worked and worked, and one day they noticed there was no movement up there. They went up and he was lying back as if asleep. He had died while carving. All his instruments of sculpture were beside him and his face was riveted on a wondrous face that he had sculptured on the arch high up there in the highest part of the vault. It was the face of the Lord Jesus whom he had loved as a young man.

And when all the workers and the sculptors and artists and people gathered to look at it they said it was the most wondrous work of all in the cathedral, and that love did it.

When you look at the Bible – the greatest book in the world – we have to understand that love did it. Even more, when we look at the cross – the most wonderful thing that ever happened, that God should humble himself like that for you and me – we have to understand that love did it.

And may it be that as people remember your life, they will say it was a wondrous life, and that love did it.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from “The Sweetest Letter Paul Ever Wrote”

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